The Terminal | Narrative Digital Painting

This digital painting by freelance digital artist & illustrator Alhyari shows and old Arab peasant walking lonely in the airport, all eyes on him. We see strong lights and shadows and the sun is setting down. We see the blue screen of death. And we see little details like a rabbit medal and a security camera also looking at our protagonist.
The Terminal | Narrative Digital Painting | by Alhyari

When his pouch was run through the X-ray scanner, a bottle of frozen liquid was shouting for attention. Since the flight was not due before 2 hours, he was calm when he untied the knot for the alert officials in black uniforms. They inspected the olive oil bottle carefully, knocked on the eggs he separated in socks one by one and argued if the sound was natural, and they seized one Kilogram of grape leaves stuffed with rice, that was all his supply.

On the look for a quiet corner to wait until his flight was called, he was reflecting about life. Two things crossed his mind, but I’m not entitled to share them. The place, though bursting with infinite vistas of exploration, was narrow and dark. He just wanted to leave it behind, to get as far away from it as he could.

تحت جهاز الأشعّة، خطفت زجاجة السّائل في جعبته كلّ الأضواء. ولأنّ موعد الإقلاع كان بعد ساعتين؛ فإنّه لم يُبد توتّراً حينما شرع يفرد أغراضه أمام أفراد الأمن المتأهّبين. قام الضّبّاط المتّشحون سواداً بتفحّص زجاجة زيت الزّيتون بعناية، وطرقوا بأصابعهم على البيض الّذي فصلَه في جوارب (هنا تجادلوا إن كان الصّوت طبيعيّاً)، وصادروا كيلوغراماً من ورق العنب المحشّو بالأرزّ، هو كلّ مؤونته.

أثناء بحثه عن ركن هادئ للانتظار، كان يتفكّر في شأن الحياة. أمران اثنان استحوذا على تفكيره، وليس لي أن أشاركهما. كان المكان — على ما فيه من آفاق — ضيّقاً ومظلماً. أراد فقط أن يتركه خلفه، أن يفارقه بلا رجوع.


The Terminal | Digital Painting Time-lapse Video (Procreate) | by Alhyari

“Muhammad at-Tayieb” al-Hyari
Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator | Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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